everyday life at bli

TEFL candidates learn what it feels like to learn a new language from zero in our foreign language lesson.
Foreign language lesson

8:30 Class begins


8:30-10:40 First slot of TEFL training


10:40-11:00 Tea & Coffee break


11:00-12:30 Second slot of TEFL training


12:30-13:30 Lunch break


13:30-15:30/16:00 Teaching practice (conversation class, starting from week 2)


+ visiting the Human Dignity Centre, SANCCOB and a pre-primary school to practice your teaching skills


(times may vary depending on progress and scheduling)

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How would you describe a typical course day at bli?

TEFL candidates interacting with foreign students at bli.

Aarti, TEFL course of Dec'16 - Jan'17:


A typical course day at bli would consist of a whole lot of work, even more laughs and guaranteed at least 3 or 4 amazing experiences! More than a course, this opportunity provides one with so much more than one could ever expect... Besides the excellent theoretical component discoursed by highly qualified and experienced facilitators, the atmosphere and environment is truly remarkable for any prospective TEFLer. I am very grateful and happy to have completed my TEFL course through bli and would highly recommend this institution to any and all interested parties.