Why do an in-class TEFL course?

Many TEFL courses are offered as online courses that are convenient, accessible and often cheaper than classroom courses. But teaching is so much more than knowing about grammar and vocabulary... Here's why an in-class TEFL course offers some significant advantages:

Real classroom teaching practice:

Online or blended courses cannot easily offer teaching practice, and students miss out on the essential art of contact teaching. During your TEFL course at bli, you will not only get input from our experienced teachers, but you will also practice teaching on real students while being supervised by certified personnel. This special training will help you to get used to the everyday life of an EFL teacher as well as to find a job, considering the fact that employers mostly want to see a programme that provides Observed Teaching Practice.

You can take advantage of the invaluable opportunities for interaction and exchange that a classroom environment offers:

We believe that producing great teachers is best achieved in a contact/in-class learning environment. Having numerous students learning in the same classroom has the added benefit of allowing students to exchange ideas and questions with one another, providing another valuable learning medium that online environments cannot replicate. First-hand interaction with the tutor also allows for ideas to be exchanged freely and without any communication barriers.

Course materials:

Another advantage that only an in-class course can offer is the chance to start building a collection of teaching materials and create a portfolio of proven lesson plans, while still working closely together with peers. This fact can ease the start to your job as an EFL teacher significantly.


Having good connections can be vital! By participating in an in-class course, you automatically have real contact with fellow students, sharing interests and plans. Not only will you benefit from this direct exchange with like-minded people, but you can also take advantage of this network once you find yourself teaching in a foreign country - either for professional advice or for the comforting effect of having English-speaking friends right there. 

...and, last but not least, a classroom course gives you the opportunity to ask all the questions that come to mind - then and there.